High Fuel prices will impact the tourism sector

High Fuel prices will impact the tourism sector

In less then 2 month the price of petrol is increased by around 20 rupees per liter,  high fuel prices will have a direct impact of travel and tourism industry , increasing the cost of the tours rapidly . On one side Government have the policy of promoting tourism and on the other side actions of the government is contradicting it’s own policy .

Because tourism and outdoor recreation  are influenced by gasoline prices. Unstable gasoline prices can affect travel participation the influence of increasing gasoline prices on travel decisions was progressively intensified and mitigated by several behavioral variables.

Due to this, the petrol price in Pakistan has crossed the Rs.300 mark. Let’s find out the latest fuel prices in Pakistan below effective from September 1, 2023.

High Fuel Prices will impact the tourism sector


Product Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Difference (Rs.)
Petrol 290.45 305.36 14.91
High Speed Diesel (HSD) 293.40 311.84 18.44
Kerosene Oil (SKO) 164.07 164.07 0.00
Light Diesel 147.68 147.68 0.00


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